Screen Printing vs DTG vs Heat Transfers for your Clothing Brand

When getting your brand started it can be easy to become confused with all of the printing options available. That’s why we put together this guide with five benefits of screen printing compared to DTG and heat transfers.

1. Longevity – Nothing beats plastisol ink

When plastisol ink prints are screen printed and cured correctly they can last for years. Generally, the printed area will actually outlast the shirt quality, which will deteriorate with regular washing and wear! DTG prints and water-based ink prints should still hold up to around 30 washes, after which fibres in the shirt can begin to look fuzzy. This is why we generally recommend water-based ink when you’re after a vintage look or lighter-weight print.

2. The possibilities – you can achieve a huge range of different effects and colour combinations with screen printing


There are hundreds of ink options in screen printing, including specialty inks and processes such as puff ink and metallics, foils, heat pressing and much more. On top of this you are able to print on a broader variety of materials when compared to DTG printing.

DTG is often limited to 100% cotton shirts, while screen printing can be printed on most synthetics as well.

3. Photographic detail – screen printing can achieve any colour and even the finest details

A common misconception is that screen printing is only good for solid, simple designs. This is incorrect as there are different processes in screen printing that make printing photographic and more complex designs possible. To create a photographic print we use a process called halftoning, there are different processes within this realm for full colour or simulated and index colour separations. Many people think that only DTG printing has this capability, but screen printing is definitely an effective way to do this with better longevity.

4. It’s the industry standard – brands all over the world have used screen printing for decades

The biggest names in the fashion industry all use some form of screen printing in their clothing lines. Everyone from Element to Cotton On does it, and for smaller brands screen printing is a great way to get your name out there on garments for the world to see at an affordable price.

5. Price – screen printing is generally the cheapest option

Screen printing is usually significantly cheaper than DTG printing and slightly cheaper than heat transfers, with higher quality results.

Why would someone choose DTG or heat transfers over screenprinting?

Heat transfers and DTG printing are popular for printing smaller quantities, as both generally don’t have a minimum order. Heat transfers can also be applied by hand at home with the right equipment and time, which can be beneficial to test out your designs without committing to larger print runs. This is popular for brands at the very early stages when they’re still exploring possibilities. Once designs are set in place or a particular direction has been chosen screen printing is the best way to product a retail-quality product for your brand.

Printing with us

Omen Printing specialises in garment printing for brands. We have a minimum print run of 50 units per design, so it’s best to work with us once you have your designs 100% resolved, or if you’re having our graphic design team create something for you. We also test all of our prints before going into production so you can rest assured that your brand will have premium quality gear ready to fly off the shelf in stores across Australia.

If you’re serious about getting your brand off the ground, or if you need screen printing services with another purpose in mind don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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